Find help with Student Technology Requirements

ATSU recognizes that technology is an important tool for all health care professionals and that choosing the correct equipment can be a bit overwhelming.  One important item to remember is that a computer for professional study is not a good place to economize. Technology advances quickly and ATSU stays up-to-date with those advances. Thus, if you matriculate with a computer that is several years old, you incur a risk of having issues particularly with network connectivity before you graduate.

After reviewing your school or program’s information page, and you still have questions about the computer requirements, please contact the ATSU Service Desk.

School of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona

Minimum Technology Specifications for 2019 – 2020   You are required to own a laptop computer for your coursework by July 15, 2019  (first day of orientation). Although ATSU doesn’t require any specific model or brand of computer, below are the minimum specifications you will need. Please note these are…

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College of Graduate Health Studies

Minimum technology specifications for 2019 – 2020 It is your choice whether to use a laptop or desktop and whether you use a Windows computer or a Mac. Any reputable computer dealer can assist you with the specifications. Note that some schools or programs may not require cameras and headsets,…

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Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

Minimum Technology Specifications for 2019 – 2020   You are required to own an iPad Pro and accessories for your coursework. Any reputable business that sells iPads can advise you on these specifications. For students using financial assistance, the financial aid budget provides $1700 toward the purchase. You will not receive…

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