ITS provides a wide variety of tech services to students. Below you will find more information, help articles and resources related to services, software and topics ITS covers.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software applications for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs. A.T. Still University uses Canvas LMS by Instructure as the primary LMS for the University.

Here are a few steps to get started:

Here are some great Video Tutorials for Students:

Getting Started

Residential Students

Online Students

SOMA CHC Students

MOSDOH St. Louis Clinic Students

Google Apps for Education (Includes Gmail)

ATSU uses Google Apps for Education to provide a variety of tools to students, faculty and staff. This includes, GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, and others. How to access your Gmail Google Drive & Docs Google Sites Google Groups and Distribution Lists

When you graduate

What happens to my ATSU accounts after graduation?

Each year on November 1, the accounts of ATSU graduates are changed from student status to alumni status. ATSU uses this date in order to provide you with ample time to take any changeover steps needed. This date applies no matter your actual graduation date Thus, some accounts will retain student status a little longer than others. 

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Data Storage & Protection

ITS recommends backing up your files regularly and using strong passwords. To learn more about these tips, see our full help article on data storage and protection.

Technology for Students

ITS supports the use of both Apple and Windows technology. We provide you with Apple help articles, resources and access to the ATSU Apple Store.  If you would like to investigate purchase of Windows technology, please go to Deals and Discounts and look under CDWG. Full help on setup of all machines is available on this site. Just use the search bar for the information you need.

Wireless Access

ATSU provides wireless Internet access to the ATSU community, while on campus. Learn more about specific steps to take in order to get connected.

Computer Security

We know computer security can be a confusing topic. The ITS department is committed to helping faculty, staff and students to protect their computers and information. See all computer security help articles

Deals & Discounts

Find out about all the deals & discounts offered to the ATSU community. You will find mobile device, software, and hardware discounts. See deals & discounts

Emergency SMS sign-up

ATSU takes security and your well-being very seriously. In an effort to notify you of an emergency situation on any of our campuses, we have established a text message notification process.

Find more about sign-up.