Faculty & Staff

ATSU-ITS provides a wide variety of technical services to faculty & staff. Below you will find more information, help articles and resources related to services, software and topics ATSU-ITS covers.


Working Remotely

Find technology tips and resources for working off-campus.

Working Remotely

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software applications for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.

Here are a few steps to get started:

Digital Measures - Faculty Activity Reporting System

Digital Measures provides ATSU faculty the perfect repository to showcase their accomplishments. The easy to use application assists faculty in recording their teaching, research, publications and service activities.

Learn more all about Digital Measures by choosing the links below

Introduction to Educational Technology for Educators (IET)

The 6-week IET course is project-based and designed for tech beginners eager to learn digital tools. It offers hands-on experience with tools like PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Zoom, and each week focuses on different skills. Participants build a personal digital portfolio in Canvas to display the skills acquired throughout the course. For more information about the IET, please visit the TLC website or contact the TLC department at tlc@atsu.edu.

Computer equipment, software & Internet

Explore technology options designed for your specific work setting, whether it’s on-site, hybrid, or remote.

See all computer hardware resources

Deals & Discounts

Find out about all the deals & discounts offered to the ATSU community. You will find mobile device, software, and hardware discounts. See deals & discounts

Equipment Loan/Checkout

Is there some equipment you need to use for just a short amount of time? Check below for loaner equipment that is available from various departments on each campus.

Arizona campus loaner equipment 

Missouri campus loaner equipment

Wireless Access

ATSU provides wireless Internet access to the ATSU community, while on campus. Learn more about specific steps to take in order to get connected.

Printing at ATSU

ATSU provides network printers for employees to connect to. Learn how to connect to network printers

Computer Security

We know computer security can be a nuanced topic. The ATSU-ITS department is committed to helping faculty, staff and students to protect their computers and information. See all computer security help articles

ID Badges

All ATSU residential students, employees and campus visitors are required to wear ID badges when on campus. Here’s how to get an ATSU ID badge

Distribution Groups & Lists

ATSU uses Google Groups to make it easier to communicate to a specific groups of people. We provide dozens of groups. Learn more about groups and how to use them here

3D Printers

ATSU-ITS and the Library are collaborating to offer the ATSU community access to innovative technologies like 3D printers to inspire an interest in health science 3D design. 3D printers can be used to produce printed prototypes of teaching and learning aids such as anatomical models, medical appliances and orthotics. See more about 3D printers from the Library

Classrooms & Conference Rooms

Classrooms and conference rooms can contain a lot of technology. ATSU-ITS provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of these rooms. Whether it’s design advice, making certain the projectors and microphones are in proper working order, or just finding where a room is located, this area will help. See ATSU classrooms & conference rooms (requires ATSU login)