New Faculty Activity Management System – Digital Measures

In order to improve ATSU’s process of capturing, recording and reporting faculty accomplishments and professional activities, the Digital Measures Activity Insight system has been selected for implementation across all ATSU schools by January 7, 2019.

The Activity Insight software is currently being configured to meet ATSU’s requirements and will support the following processes:

  • Annual Faculty reviews
  • Faculty promotions
  • Accreditation requirements
  • Annual Board Reports -Articles Published
  • Annual reports – Faculty Scholarly Activity
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Dynamic faculty web profiles (future use)
  • Grant applications (future use)

ATSU Project Team Organizational Chart

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Implementation Timeline

What information is required?

Faculty will have some HR system data pre-populated into Digital Measures as well as Courses taught from CampusNexus, the remaining information will need to be entered by Faculty into the Digital Measures system.

Major Data areas:

  • Faculty General Information
    • Degrees
    • Awards and Honors
    • Licensures and Certifications
    • Faculty Development Activities Attended
  • Teaching/Mentor Activity
    • Scheduled Teaching Courses  (Course Directors to Enter other Instructors)
    • Teaching Innovation and Curriculum Development
    • Advising
    • Mentoring (KCOM and SOMA data Pre-populated from list)
  • Scholarship/Research
    • Contracts, Fellowship, Grants and Sponsored Research (Populated from Sponsored Programs database)
    • Research Activity
    • Publications
    • Presentations
  • Service
    • Clinical
    • University
    • Professional
    • Public

Higher Impact with shared Digital Measures

What Reporting exists in Digital Measures?

There are pre-existing reports (listed below). Additionally users have the ability to create custom reports to select what data and time frames to display on a report. Shown as Create A New Report.

Digital Measures currently contains the following reports:

Annual Activity Report

Report required for Faculty Reviews and Promotions that lists activities for a given timeframe.
Type of Report: Summary and Detail

Academic Degrees Earned

Lists the Faculty members degree(s) and what schools and when they obtained them.
Type of Report: Detail

Awards and Honors

Lists Faculty member’s specific awards and honors from what organization and when they obtained.
Type of Report: Detail

Birthday Report by Month

Lists the birthday of Faculty along with their department name for each month.
Type of Report: Detail

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research by Faculty

Lists Faculty member’s Grant/Research efforts with Titles, Awarding Org and dollar amounts.
Type of Report: Detail

Creative Works by Faculty

Lists creative Works by Faculty.
Type of Report: Detail

Editorial and Review Activities by Faculty

Lists any Faculty that have entered Editorial Review Board roles within the Professional Services screen.
Type of Report: Detail

Faculty/Staff Directory

Detail Listing of Faculty/Staff within Digital Measures along with their contact information by Department.
Type of Report: Detail

General Service by Faculty

A detailed listing of Faculty’s University, Public, Professional and Clinical Service activity.
Type of Report: Detail

HLC Professional Development Summary

A summary count of Faculty Professional Development Activities and Participating number of Faculty.
Type of Report: Summary

HLC Qualification Report

Lists the Degree, Licensures/Certifications and Tested Experience of Faculty by College.
Type of Report: Detail

HLC Scholarship and Research Summary

A count by College/Department/Individual of Intellectual Contributions, Presentations, Contract/Grants, Performances and Exhibits and Intellectual Property.
Type of Report: Summary and Detail

Intellectual Contributions by Faculty

Listing of Faculty publications for a given time frame.
Type of Report: Detail

Presentations by Faculty

Lists the Presentations given by Faculty with Title, Location, Forum and date given.
Type of Report: Detail

Scheduled Teaching by Faculty

Detailed listing of Courses taught by Faculty by Course Prefix with credit hours and student enrollment.
Type of Report: Detail


An individual list of Faculty’s experience.
Type of Report: Detail