Phone Equipment & Services

Depending on your department, telephone services are provided to ATSU employees either by ITS or Facilities.

ITS provided handsets & voicemail services

  • All Mesa campus
  • Registrar’s office
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Some ITS phones
  • College of Graduate Health Studies
  • MO based-Communication & Marketing

If you have questions about handsets and voicemail for departments listed above, contact the Service Desk at Ext. 2200.

MO Facilities provided handsets & voicemail services

Handsets and voicemail services other than those listed above are provided and serviced via Missouri campus Facilities. Ext. 2297

Soft phones

A soft phone is a software program for making phone calls using a computer, rather than using a handset. A soft phone is designed to behave like a traditional telephone, with a display panel and buttons for the user to control like a standard phone interface.

  • Soft phones are available for all ATSU faculty and staff, with phone service administered by ITS, whether they are on-campus or work from a separate location. The main consideration is to have a robust internet connection. Some benefits of a soft phone:
    • No need for a handset, communication is through your computer, either with a headset or built in speakers and microphone.
    • Your ATSU phone is with you wherever you take your computer
    • You have a dedicated ATSU phone number even when off campus.
    • No connection/wall jack to move if you change or rearrange offices.
    • Significant cost savings over a handset purchase.

For further information about soft phones and soft phone set up, please contact the service desk.

Cell phone reimbursement

If your position requires frequent use of your cell phone, you may be eligible for a reimbursement for some of your cell phone expenses.

Policy 50-102 Cell phone/Smartphone Allowance

The reimbursement request form is located at the bottom of the policy. Check with your supervisor to determine if you qualify.

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