Applications at ATSU

There are close to 250 applications used at ATSU. Normally when a faculty/staff person begins employment, his/her supervisor will request needed applications via the Information Technology & Services Action Request (ITSAR) form. After the new employee begins work, requests for additional applications to support job performance may be made through the Service Desk. Depending on the licensing, either ITS or the employee’s department will pay this cost. Typically, ITS pays for site licenses and individual departments pay for job specific applications

Fortunately, with current technology, most applications can be provided to an employee whether they work on or off campus.

Applications commonly used at ATSU separated by common use

Although the application in the categories below are separated by common use, it does not mean that you don’t qualify to use any of them. Normally, you and your supervisor identify your application needs, although ITS may recommend substitutions.

For all employees
Primarily used by instructors
For administrators and related staff
For researchers