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CV Import Instructions


USING CV IMPORTS Digital Measures by Watermark is committed to helping you capture, reflect on, and tell the story of your activities and accomplishments. When it comes to gathering faculty’s teaching, research and service activities, it may feel like double duty since a lot of this data is already maintained... Read More

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To All Digital Measures Users

You’ve requested it, and we are now in the process of implementing Faculty Web Profiles based on the data content in Digital Measures! Implementation will be in the June/July 2021 timeframe; however, we are needing all users to review and clean up data by April 22, 2021. After this we... Read More

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Faculty Web Profile FAQs

Faculty web profiles appearing on ATSU’s public-facing website: Data that displays on the new faculty web profile is sourced from Digital Measures (faculty activity system).  This document serves to provide instruction and guidance on best practices for faculty web profiles displayed on ATSU’s webpage. Following are additional resource links to... Read More

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Digital Measures User Group

Each school has representatives that review additions, changes and resolve issues related to the Digital Measures system for their respective school.  The team meets monthly to vote on changes, identify any new issues or problems, and communicate with the faculty on Digital Measures. ASDOH- Melissa Nieves ASHS – Tabatha Parent-Buck... Read More

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Digital Measures – Course Director Entries

From the Scheduled Teaching screen for each of your courses, the following data can be input: Course Director Administration hours to maintain the course Additional Instructors (add in order of contact hours; most to least) Contact hours for: Lecture  Lab Small Group PodCast Continue to +Add Instructors (type in name... Read More

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Digital Measures’ Activity Insight User Guide

The process for maintaining information within Digital Measures contains an initial data load and then subsequent monthly information updates for new activities. Digital Measures’ Activity Insight Data Entry Cycle After logging in to Digital Measures you will see the Activity Insight Main page. There are 5 Main Areas of Faculty... Read More

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