To All Digital Measures Users

You’ve requested it, and we are now in the process of implementing Faculty Web Profiles based on the data content in Digital Measures! Implementation will be in the June/July 2021 timeframe; however, we are needing all users to review and clean up data by April 22, 2021. After this we will be in a development, test, and final review phase.

Faculty Web Profiles will automatically generate based upon your Digital Measures data and no additional websites will need to be managed outside Digital Measures. You may view the prototype website here with a small subset of faculty. NOTE: To access the link, you must be connected to a VPN to view. If you don’t have a VPN connection, create an ITS ticket to establish one.

The following Digital Measures data content will be used:

  • Personal contact information – Name, email, and office phone
  • Yearly – School and department
  • Biography & expertise – Biography
  • Degrees – Degree, school, and completion year
  • License/Certifications – Title, organization, and year obtained
  • Awards & honors – Award/Honor name, organization, and year
  • Scheduled teaching (Most recent only) – Course prefix and number, course name, and term
  • Publications (Published only) – Type, title, and year published
  • Presentations – Type, title, and year of presentation
  • Service (Clinical, university, professional, and public) – Role, organization, start & end year

NOTE: If there is no data in a category above, the icon will not display.

In order to present the above data publicly, you will need to complete some data cleanup and selection of key activity first. Reference the attached Web Profile Guideline document for details.

Communication & Marketing will also be involved in reviewing data content and providing recommendations and corrections per the University Style Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or your school’s representative listed below:

Melissa Nieves

Linda Brozewics
Tabitha Parent-Buck

Corey Cooper

Beth Thompson
Jim Farris

Patricia Sexton

Grishonda Branch-Mays

Marjorie Kinney