New Faculty/Staff Account Creation

Upon hire, new faculty and staff receive an ATSU network account. This account allows access to the ATSU Portal, GSuite for Education and network files, just to name a few of the services. Here is the process:

  1. After a position is offered and accepted, an account creation form known as the Information Technology and Services Account Request (ITSAR) is submitted by HR or, in some circumstances,  the new employee’s supervisor. To request a new user account, go to the ITSAR form and choose Add User Account.
  2. The submission of this request form triggers a ticket, that notifies IT staff of a new account creation request.
  3. This form also alerts IT staff of special applications or rights the new employee will need. It is helpful if the name of the existing (leaving) employee can also be identified so that a smooth continuity of rights can be preserved during the transition of personnel.
  4. The ticket then flows through IT staff responsible for specific services.
  5. Once the account is created and all steps have been completed for special rights for the new employee, the ticket is closed which automatically notifies the supervisor or HR that service has been enabled. This notification includes the authentication information needed by the new employee to access the ATSU network and specific services.
  6. Account creation will take three business days to process. Allow at least a week if new equipment is needed.

Two other types of ITS action requests

  • When an employee undergoes an internal job transfer or changes names, choose Change User Account from the ITSAR form.
  • When an employee terminates, choose Drop User Account from the ITSAR form.

Alternatively, you can find the same ITSAR form that allows you to add, change or drop a user account on the ATSU Portal from Departments > HR > Employee/User Account Request (ITSAR).