Network & account services

All students and employees at ATSU are assigned accounts on the University network. The account is assigned to you for the duration of your enrollment or employment at ATSU and is your access to most computing resources. Your initial network password is set by ITS. However, the first time you access your account you will be prompted to change this password. You may change or reset your password at anytime, provided you know your current ATSU username and password. Passwords will expire every 90 days. If you forget your password it can be reset at the my.atsu portal login page by following the “Forgot your password?” link.  Click here for more information on ATSU passwords.

Faculty & staff

Your account is created by ITS once we have received the Information Technology Services Account Request (ITSAR) form from Human Resources. Your supervisor or Human Resources will provide your initial login information after which you will be required to change your password. Turn-around time on account creation is 3 days. Employee accounts will be terminated upon separation from the University.


Your account is created by ITS after we have received approval from the Admissions department. This account information is sent to you along with a welcome letter that provides login information. A students ATSU email account is shifted to an Alumni account upon graduation.


Once you have graduated from ATSU, your account transitions into alumni status. You will retain access to your GSuite for Education account but you will now be presented with content that is specific to Alumni. Access to services such as ATSU Library will be limited.