Echo360 Student Access

Echo360 is a classroom recording service offered by ATSU that allows students to review the live content they receive in the classroom.  The Echo360 subscription is provided by ATSU at no additional cost to the students.

Echo360 student authentication and course enrollments are handled through the ATSU Learning Management Systems (LMS), either Blackboard or Canvas.

In each LMS class, the first time you click through into Echo360, it will register you as a student in the corresponding Echo360 course for the semester.  You have to do this each semester for each class you wish to access in Echo360.

So, after the first time you click through to an Echo360 from the LMS you will be registered as a student in that Echo360 course section.  At that point, you could access through the Echo360 mobile app if you wish. However, you need to set an external Echo360 password if you want to use the Echo360 app.  

To set an Echo360 external password, first you need to be registered in at least one Echo360 classes through the LMS.  Go to, enter your ATSU email address and click the “Forgot Password?” link to get a password reset email sent to you.  Set a Echo360-specific password that you will remember, and you can then use that password to use the mobile app for Echo360.

Keep in mind that with any computer-based technology, there is always a possibility of a glitch in the system.  This could potentially result in an Echo360 capture being missed. When this happens we will attempt to locate the same lecture recording from a previous term and then post it to the current term in Echo360 with a disclaimer.

Echo360 is not meant to be a replacement for attending class in-person.  ATSU does our best to provide this additional service for students, but we cannot make any guarantees on the recordings.

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