Attendance tracking & more with QR codes

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the QR Code Manager website

If you would like to take class attendance with QR codes, read on!

ATSU-ITS has developed the QR Code Manager that lets faculty & staff create and print QR codes and allows ATSU users to scan them from the ATSU Go mobile app (iOS | Android). You can find the QR Code Manager in the ATSU Portal from Resources > My Tools.

The primary use case is to take attendance but can also be used for a number of other internal activities:

  • Attendance (primary use case)
  • Student organization events
  • Professor office hours (create a new QR code for this per semester or academic year)
  • Required appointments with departmental staff (e.g. Learning Resources & Accommodation Services)
  • Required commencement activities for graduates (a different QR code for each activity they are required to do in person before commencement day)
  • Internal events such as hospital day, where you simply want a record of who attended and to see attendees school/program/class year
  • and more…

Note: This is not an event ticketing solution

While this tool works great for tracking attendance, it would not be a great tool for an event where you are selling tickets and need each participant to have their own unique QR code that proves they purchased a ticket. For event ticketing and registration portals on Eventbrite, please contact communications[at]

How it works

  1. Browse to the QR Code Manager from the ATSU Portal (Resources > My Tools).
  2. Create a new QR code by filling out the form fields.
    (Note that only a title is required. Be sure you fill in enough details that you can distinguish your QR code from others at a later date.)
  3. Print your QR code and post it in a location for students or event attendees to scan.
    (Note, the person scanning a QR code must have the ATSU GO app installed and a valid ATSU account)
  4. Ask your students or event attendees to download the ATSU Go mobile app (iOS | Android)
  5. Users will select the Scan QR Code menu item from the app’s top, right, navigation menu (see screenshot below)
    (Note, Using ATSU GO > Scan QR Code is required. Scanning these ATSU QR codes with the native camera app will not work and the QR scan will not be recorded)

See who attended

  1. After QR scans have been completed, log back in to the QR Code Manager.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Your QR Codes’ and select the button for ‘Download CSV File.’
  3. Review your CSV file to see the attendee’s first/last name, email, student ID, check-in date/time; plus the attendee’s school, program, and class year.

Let’s discuss

If you would like to get started using QR codes, ATSU-ITS Development staff would be glad to walk through things further and answer any questions you have. Create a ticket today. Use category “Website & Mobile App Issues” and subcategory “QR Code Manager.”

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