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The University uses Echo 360 to record lectures and related presentations.



Echo 360 Lecture Capture

Echo 360’s digital tools extend classroom instruction to students around-the-clock. Echo devices enable the capture of the content on a classroom’s podium computer, classroom microphone, and in some instances, a classroom’s ceiling camera. The resulting captures can be viewed in a variety of ways from audio only to streaming. Most commonly students download the capture as an MP4 video. Here is a short video explaining some of the features:

Echo 360 online training for faculty


Echo 360 training videos


Quick instructions for configuring the Canvas course link to Echo360

  1. Click on the “Echo360” link in the left-side course menu. If Echo360 does not show up in your course menu, go to the course Settings>Navigation and drag the Echo360 link up to be visible in the course. Then click Save at the bottom of the page.
  2. Use the drop-down list(s) to select the Echo360 Term, course and section you want to link to.
  3. Select Link to the Section Home to link students directly to the list of recordings for this particular Echo360 section.
  4. Click the light blue LINK CONTENT button to complete the configuration.

For more information, check out the Echo360 help page.



Echo360 instructions for downloading content


 NOTE: Instructors have the ability to disable content downloads for a course/section. If the Download options described below are disabled (grayed out), the functionality may be unavailable to you. Check with the instructor if you are not sure. You can download content from Echo360 if you need or want…

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How to watch a class in Echo 360

From the HOME page, click ALL CLASSES for the section whose class you want to watch. The Class List appears, listing all classes by date, oldest to newest. The most recently completed class is selected automatically (meaning you may need to scroll UP to see earlier classes) If necessary, use…

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