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What it’s all about

Broadcast live from the David Welch studio at ATSU’s Kirksville, MO campus, theĀ Lunch and Learn Series is loosely based on a television-style, weekly news program. The series is co-hosted by the Communications and Marketing, Human Resources, the AT Still Memorial Library and Information Technology and Services. It normally includes about 8 sixty-minuteĀ episodes (approximately once a month from September to May) We feature various topics of interest to the ATSU community. Times for the live events alternate between the lunch hour on the MO campus and the AZ campus. All Lunch & Learn episodes are available in full HD on YouTube for later viewing. See past season videos below.

The series is designed to be an informal and fun way to inform the ATSU community and to experiment with new technologies and services that could eventually make their way to the other areas of the university, including the classroom.

How to watch and interact

You can watch the Lunch & Learn Series live on Facebook or Become a fan of ITS on Facebook to receive notifications when we go live. To receive notifications from about all ATSU live events, including the Lunch & Learn Series, sign up at LiveStream and follow the ATSU page. You can ask questions and interact with the hosts live by using the chat feature on Facebook or We’ll see you on air!

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Season 7: 2018-2019

Season 7 was a great year. Summer is a good time to catch up on the L&L sessions you missed.

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Season 6: 2017-2018

We had a great start to Season 6 with our first episode: Women in Healthcare. We look forward to the rest of the season where we'll bring you a lot of information along with a sprinkling of fun.

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Season 5: 2016-2017

In season 5, we add a new host and Human Resources and Communications & Marketing join forces with ITS to make the show even better.

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Season 4: 2015-2016

In Season 4 the Lunch & Learn Series remain in the David Welch Studio using LiveStream as the tool for broadcasting.

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Season 3: 2014-2015

In season 3, the Lunch & Learn Series moves to the David Welch Studio and using LiveStream as the tool for broadcasting.

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Season 2: 2013-2014

In the second season of the Lunch & Learn series, we continued to use Google Hangouts as our broadcasting tool, but this season is where we started using more television broadcasting type terminology.

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Season 1: 2012-2013

The first season of the Lunch and Learn series was truly a learning experience. The season included 25 episodes, with 20 episodes being successfully recorded using Google Hangouts.

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