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Season 7: 2018-2019

Episode 1:  Data & Qualtrics

Episode 2: File Storage at ATSU & The Cloud

Episode 3: Coping with Stress & Coping with the Holidays

Episode 4: Video Conferencing at ATSU

Episode 5: Tips & Tricks to Make Your Job Easier

Episode 6: Medicinal Garden

Episode 7: Benefits at ATSU

Season 7: 2018-2019

Season 7 was a great year. Summer is a good time to catch up on the L&L sessions you missed.

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Season 6: 2017-2018

We had a great start to Season 6 with our first episode: Women in Healthcare. We look forward to the rest of the season where we'll bring you a lot of information along with a sprinkling of fun.

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Season 5: 2016-2017

In season 5, we add a new host and Human Resources and Communications & Marketing join forces with ITS to make the show even better.

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Season 4: 2015-2016

In Season 4 the Lunch & Learn Series remain in the David Welch Studio using LiveStream as the tool for broadcasting.

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Season 3: 2014-2015

In season 3, the Lunch & Learn Series moves to the David Welch Studio and using LiveStream as the tool for broadcasting.

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Season 2: 2013-2014

In the second season of the Lunch & Learn series, we continued to use Google Hangouts as our broadcasting tool, but this season is where we started using more television broadcasting type terminology.

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Season 1: 2012-2013

The first season of the Lunch and Learn series was truly a learning experience. The season included 25 episodes, with 20 episodes being successfully recorded using Google Hangouts.

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