How to watch a class in Echo 360

  1. From the HOME page, click ALL CLASSES for the section whose class you want to watch. The Class List appears, listing all classes by date, oldest to newest. The most recently completed class is selected automatically (meaning you may need to scroll UP to see earlier classes)
  2. If necessary, use the Sort drop-down list or Search box to find the class you want to view.
  3. Select the class from the list, then click GO TO CLASSROOM from the left panel.
    The classroom viewer opens, with the video playing automatically. If there is no video, the presentation appears at the first page.
  4. Use the playbar at the bottom to pause, play, rewind 10 seconds, or scrub through the video as needed.
  5. Use the volume control and playback speed buttons to control those aspects of your viewing.
  6. Click the thumbnails to switch between visual feeds, if the classroom contains multiple visual feeds (e.g., the classroom recording captured dual video or video and display, and there is a presentation loaded to the class).
  7. Use the classroom toolbar on the left to navigate between classes, enter or respond to questions, and take notes during the classroom viewing.

Alternately, if the class you want is a recent one, it may be previewed in the course block on your HOME page. Click the preview thumbnail for the class to jump directly to that classroom.

Understanding the class list page icons

Each class is shown with a series of icons, providing information and functionality as follows:

  • Content Icons – Click a content icon for a menu that will allow you to view or download that media.
  • A grey icon (Echo360_0616_06) icon indicates that you have already viewed this material.
  • A green icon (Echo360_0616_00) indicates that this content is new to you; you have not yet viewed it.
  • Conversation Bubble icon – Click the conversation bubble icon (Echo360_0616_04) located on the row for the class to open the Q&A tab and view the questions and responses posted for that particular class. The number indicates the total number of questions posted for that class (responses are not counted).