New Quizzes tool in Canvas

What is the New Quizzes tool?

What are the similarities / differences with the current Quizzes tool?

New Quizzes is a new assessment engine built to meet the assessment needs in your classroom today and in the future. Leveraging modern technologies, New Quizzes features include a series of feature enhancements and new item types, and bring workflow improvements to what is commonly encountered in Quizzes Classic.

To see how New Quizzes tool compares to existing quizzes, please see New Quizzes Feature Comparison.

When is the change-over?

New Quizzes to replace Classic Quizzes July 2021

This milestone means that beginning July 2021, New Quizzes will be the only out-of-the-box assessment engine that can collect student submission.

    • Students will not be able to attempt or submit with Classic Quizzes.
    • Instructors will not be able to create with Classic Quizzes.
    • Classic Quizzes APIs for creating, attempting, and submitting will be disabled at this time.

How to convert the current quizzes into New Quizzes?

How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to New Quizzes?

Will Respondus 4.0 or LDB work with New Quizzes?

Respondus 4.0:
Not yet.

Respondus LockDown Browser: Should be coming soon (Q2 2020).

General Questions

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