End-of-term Final Grade submissions from Canvas to CampusNexus Student

1. Be enrolled as an Instructor in the course.

2. Make sure that you have a course grading scheme enabled. If you do not, here’s how:

2a. Click “Settings”, then scroll down to “Grading Scheme”.
2b. Check mark “Enable course grading scheme”.
2c. Save the settings by clicking the “Update Course Details” button at the bottom of the settings page.
2d. Scroll back down to “Grading Scheme” and click the “view grading scheme” link. A “View/Edit Grading Scheme” dialog box will pop-up.
2e. From here you may create a new Grading Scheme by clicking the “Manage Grading Schemes” link, or edit an existing one. You may also
select a different Grading Scheme by clicking the “Select Another Scheme” link. Click the “Done” button when you are done.

3. Make sure that you have the “Final Grade Override” option enabled:

3a. Click the “Grades” link in the left-hand menu.
3b. In the gradebook, click the little gear icon at the top-right of the page. A settings dialog box will pop-up.
3c. Click the “Advanced” tab.
3d. Check mark the “Allow final grade override” option.
3e. Click the “Update” button, and the dialog box will disappear.

4. In your gradebook, scroll all the way to the right. The last two columns should be “Total” and “Override”.

PLEASE NOTE: The next step is here for a reason. Canvas calculates grades in a variety of ways, and most of those calculations are invisible to you unless you export the gradebook into an Excel spreadsheet. This means that sometimes the grade you see in the “Total” or “Weighted Total” column in your gradebook, are not the same grades that get sent to CNS. For example, you may have allowed the student to slide up to a “B”, but Canvas will send a “C” instead, because those invisible calculations are calculating things differently than you want to. This step helps you to KNOW without a doubt that the grades you are sending to CNS, are actually the grades that get sent to CNS by overriding Canvas’ calculated choice of what grades it wants to send to CNS. So, the grade you put into the “Override” column is actually the grade you send to CNS. If you want a more in-depth explanation, please see the following documents:

  • How do I export grades in the Gradebook? (Pay special attention to the “View Read-Only Columns” section – the read-only column named “Final Grade” is what gets sent to CNS if you do NOT use the Override column, and you cannot see it unless you export the grades to an Excel spreadsheet..)

5. Transcribe the final grade value that you want to send to CNS into the “Override” column from whichever column contains it in your gradebook. Do not leave any student’s Override cell blank, or the grade you think is being sent, may not be sent. “Total” is usually the column that shows the correct grade that must be transcribed into the Override column, but not always. Remember, YOU choose the final grade sent to CNS by typing them into the Override column.

6. When you are absolutely sure that the grades you have manually typed into the Override column are the exact grades that you wish to send to CNS, in the gradebook click the “Actions” drop-down, then choose “Sync grades to SIS”. (“SIS” stands for “Student Information System”. Our SIS is CampusNexus Student (CNS).)

PLEASE NOTE: You may only do this once. Please make sure that you are ready to sync your grades before doing so. It is difficult to change a grade once it has been sent to CNS. If you need to change a grade after you have sent it to CNS, please contact the ATSU Enrollment Services office for assistance.

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