Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Achievement Test (COMAT) Series

COMAT System and Browser check

  1. Review the Technical Specifications guidelines for the testing.  Both Macs and PCs are supported
  2. Go to the COMAT testing webisite
    • Click on “Run the NBOME System Check”
    • The System Check will test your browser and computer, then give you a report on your computer.
    • If you have issues from the report, you can contact the Helpdesk to resolve any issues.

Download the NBOME Browser
You must download the NBOME browser in advance in order to take the COMAT examination.

  1. Go to the COMAT testing website at
  2. Click on “Download the NBOME Browser”
  3. Once the Browser is downloaded, click the icon to launch the browser. (Note: There is a “close” button that allows students or proctors to close the secure browser at any time before the exam is started.)
  4. For examination administration, double-click the secure browser icon.
    • An authorization screen will be presented.
    • Enter the Exam Launch Code provided by the test proctor.
    • Confirm student name and exam.
    • The proctor code must be entered.
    • At the end of the exam, the browser will close.

General COMAT information:

Practice Exam