Communicating with large groups at ATSU

You will often hear reference to either Google groups or distribution groups. They are the same thing. On many occasions it is necessary to be able to communicate with a large group of people. ATSU uses Google Groups to make it easier to communicate to a specific group of people. We provide dozens of Groups (sometimes called Distribution Lists) which can be used to email groups or communicate with them via threaded discussions (sometimes called Forums). By addressing a message to a group email address, messages can easily be sent to the membership of the entire group. Group settings can be restricted as to who posts, joins, and receives as required by the group moderator. Groups are also helpful for archiving messages, searching through the archives, and managing group preferences and membership lists.

Google groups and ATSU distribution lists are different from Gmail contact groups, which you can create for your personal use. Learn more about Gmail contact groups here.

Belonging to a group

You are automatically added to some groups, such as the all ATSU group or a class group. To be included in specialty groups, for instance a club, you must request membership from the group’s manager/owner.

Some of the more popular groups at ATSU are:

    • This group is for all ATSU faculty and staff
    • All faculty and staff receive information from this group but only select individuals can send to it
    • ITS enrolls employees in this group when they are first assigned their Google account
    • This group is for all ATSU students
    • While all ATSU students receive information from this group, only select individuals can send to it
    • ITS enrolls students in the account close to matriculation
  • ‘class of…’ groups, example:
    • These groups are for each residential school or program
    • Members can communicate within their group, but not with other groups
    • Faculty can communicate with these groups
    • Close to matriculation, students are given rights to post to their class group

Directory listing of ATSU groups

Getting started with Google Groups