Using Zoom AI Companion to enhance your meetings

What is Zoom AI Companion?

Zoom AI Companion is a built-in AI assistant for Zoom products, boosting your productivity and collaboration. It helps you catch up on meetings, generate summaries and emails, draft chat messages, and even spark new ideas on whiteboards. Think of it as a smart assistant that helps you work smarter, not harder, within the Zoom platform.

What features does Zoom AI Companion have?

  • Catch Up: Ask AI Companion questions about what you missed in a meeting.
  • Smart Recordings: Review recordings with highlights, chapters, summaries, next steps, and analytics.
  • Meeting Summary: Generate summaries and action items from meetings, shareable via email and Team Chat.
  • Whiteboard Content Generation: Generate ideas, refine content, and add objects to the whiteboard.

How do I enable Zoom AI Companion in my account?

  1. Navigate to and sign in to your Zoom account
  2. Click Settings in the left hand navigation bar
  3. Click AI Companion in the top navigation bar to locate the settings
  1. Use the buttons to toggle on/off AI Companion settings for Meeting Summary, Questions, Recording, and Whiteboard