UDOIT (You-Do-It) Accessibility Assistant for Canvas

UDOIT stands for Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool. It is an open-source tool that helps instructors identify accessibility issues in their Canvas course content. UDOIT can be used to scan courses for a variety of accessibility issues, including:

  • Missing alt text for images
  • Inaccessible documents
  • Unsupported video formats
  • Inaccessible interactive elements
  • Insufficient contrast
  • Missing keyboard navigation

UDOIT generates a report that lists all of the accessibility issues found in a course. The report also provides links to resources that can help instructors address the issues.

UDOIT is a valuable tool for instructors who want to make their courses accessible to all learners. It can help instructors identify and address accessibility issues early in the course development process, which can help to prevent problems for students.

Please refer to the UDOIT KnowledgeBase for more information.