Mobile Device Management (MDM) Program

About MDM

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) program helps protect University data when employees use their personal mobile devices to access University services. Participating in the MDM program means 1) an app is downloaded to your personal mobile device, and 2) your personal smartphones and/or tablet is/are registered with the University’s MDM system. Once the app is installed and the device(s) registered, institutional policies can be enforced when personal devices are used to access University data.  Additionally, if the device is lost or stolen, all University data and access can be easily removed.

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Starting in January 2020, all employees that receive mobile device reimbursement will be automatically enrolled in Mobile Device Management. (See Policy 55-112 linked below) Once you have been entered into the system, we’ll send you an email with instructions to complete your enrollment.

Employees that don’t participate in reimbursement, but use their mobile device for ATSU business, should contact the ITS service desk to be enrolled in the MDM group. After that, we’ll send you an email with the final steps you will need to take.

Supervisors – Please be sure that qualifying employees are following these enrollment procedures.

ATSU Mobile Device Management Policy 55-112


We have gathered Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in getting started with MDM. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the FAQs please post them in the MDM User Group or contact the service desi. Go here for FAQs.

MDM User Group

We utilize a Google Group to address questions, gather feedback, improve documentation and generally share information about Mobile device management at ATSU. Participants will be enrolled in this group.