Malware, Phishing & Viruses

What should I do if I suspect my account or machine has been targeted by malware?

  • If you have received a suspicious email, such as a phishing attempt, forward the email to Our security services team will take it from there. We’ll let you know if it is malware and if you should take further steps.
    • When you forward the email, please let us know if you opened any links or responded to any requests contained in the suspected phish.
    • The security team will let you know if the incident should be reported to Google.
    • After the investigation, the security team will instruct you to move the email in question in the trash and empty your trash.
  • If you suspect you have some other form of malware on your computer, such as a worm, you can also send a message to for those concerns. Signs that you may have malware could include computer slowdown, crashing or restarting every few minutes. Be sure to include information on why you think your system may have been breached.

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