How do I remove P2P software from my Mac computer?

Your Mac comes with built in protection and does not need third-party security. Third-party protection can cause issues to your Mac for which Apple nor ATSU are responsible. However, both ATSU and Apple can help you troubleshoot if you suspect you have a third-party security problem. Some programs that can cause harm or be a scam:

  • Mac Keeper
  • Little Snitch
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Megabackup
  • Detox my mac

Removal of P2P on Apple Macintosh Computers

  1. Quit all file-sharing programs
  2. Locate the folder containing the P2P software that you want to remove. It is usually in the applications folder
  3. Double-click the P2P program’s folder to examine its contents
  4. Some Macintosh-compatible P2P programs come with an “uninstall” program. If you see an “uninstall” or “uninstaller” program, run it to remove the P2P software
  5. If you do not see such a program, go back to the applications folder, and move the P2P program’s folder into the trash
  6. Empty your computer’s trash folder
  7. Go to the Apple menu and select Restart to reboot your computer