Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Before the Meeting


  • Hosting — Identify anyone who will need co-hosting privileges, such as speakers, moderators, or people you want to handle administrative tasks during your meeting. You can promote a participant to co-host once inside your meeting. See links below for more information.
  • Chat — Decide who will moderate the Chat. Determine if it will be visible to all participants or only to the host or co-hosts.  
    • You can find Chat settings at → My Account → Settings → Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) → Toggle the Chat option as desired  
  • Screen Sharing If there will be screen-sharing or a video that needs to be played into the call, identify who is responsible to begin playback. Configure your settings before you begin the meeting (as the Host).
    •  You can find Screen Share settings at → My Account → Settings → Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) → Screen Sharing

  • Recording — Determine if the meeting will need to be recorded or not. 
    • We recommend that you record to the Zoom Cloud to prevent any recording issues due to hardware or network complications.  


Starting the Meeting


  • Screen Sharing — Ensure Screen-Sharing is set to Host Only. 
      • This setting can be accessed from the “Share Screen” button. 
      • Setting sharing to Host Only will prevent malicious sharing of inappropriate content by other participants, but will still allow co-host to share. 
  • Muting — If the Participants will not need to interact with audio during the meeting, mute all Participants upon entry and lock the mute setting. The Host and co-hosts can still unmute or mute themselves when necessary. 
      • You can mute all participants by clicking the Participants button and clicking “Mute All.”
  • Recording — If you have not set the meeting to automatically record (in your meeting settings), then start recording when you are in your meeting. 
    • If you choose to record automatically, be aware that there will likely be additional content before and after the meeting event that may need to be edited out for your final recording. 


During the Meeting


  • Spotlight View — How to spotlight a presenter’s video camera for all participants:   
      • This is accessed in the Participants panel OR
      • Hover over the video thumbnail of the person to access the menu items for that person by selecting “more.” 
  • Recording — Remember to stop recording at the end of your event. Your Cloud recording should be available shortly after the conclusion of your meeting. 
      • If you recorded to your local drive, navigate to the file and upload or distribute as needed. 
  • Zoom Bombers — If there are Zoom Bombers, remove them from the meeting by clicking on their name in the Participant panel and lock the meeting. These settings are in the Participants panel → “More” → “Lock Meeting.”