Student Email Alias

What is an email alias?

An alias is an alternate address for sending/receiving email.  

ATSU student email addresses currently use the format by default. Throughout March 2020 a group of student volunteers tested the use of an alias, which would allow students to send/receive email using a more descriptive name such as The test group represented all ATSU schools and provided feedback to the ITS department with the determination the use of email aliases will benefit all students. The success of this testing proved that a student alias is of benefit to ATSU students. Thus, aliases are now available to all students.

How do I request a student email alias

Simply use the request form below. ITS will be in contact with you once the alias is created. Please remember to keep the requested name in the alias form professional.

Student Alias Request Form.

Additional Information:

Student Alias Group FAQs (Includes setup information)

Sending from an alias address

  • To send an email with your alias, choose Compose and click the down arrow to the right of your original ATSU email address.  You will see the alias listed.  

Can an alias be used to login to ATSU services?

  • No. Your unique identifier (ex. SA12345) is used to login to all services 

Can I use an alias when sending with a non-Google email client?

  • No. To send email using an alias, a Gmail client (or browser) must be used

How the alias account looks to the recipient

  • If your recipient uses Outlook or another mail service, they might see something like, “From on behalf of”
  • Your recipients might also see your original address if you:
  • Set up an out of office reply
  • Create a filter with an automated response
  • Have a full mailbox, and your recipient gets notified

Looking up an alias address in the Google Contacts Directories

  • ATSU Directory
    Alias addresses do not show up in the ATSU directory
  • Personal Directory
    • Alias addresses will appear in a personal directory
    • After they have been manually added to a contact list
    • After an email using the alias has been sent or received