Technology hints for working off-campus

ATSU recognizes the value and benefits of employees being able to work from off-campus locations. Review the following hints to keep both ATSU data, and equipment secure when you work remotely or telecommute.

When working at an off-campus location you will need to keep the following in mind.

  • Set up appropriate equipment.
  • Dedicate a computer/laptop as your ATSU work device.
  • Ensure all computing devices used for ATSU work are password-protected, preferably with multi-factor authentication.
  • Install virus/malware protection software.
  • Turn off the save password feature on browsers. Instead, we recommend using a secure password utility like LastPass.
  • Activate auto-locking screen saver functionality with at most a 20-minute window.
  • Get a good headset with a microphone for communications.
  • Have a quality video camera for teleconferencing.
  • Obtain the appropriate applications and services (The ITS Service Desk is available to consult regarding requirements and access.)
    • Cisco Jabber software or other reliable phone services. (The ITS service desk is available to consult regarding softphone requirements and access.)
    • Google chat for quick access to co-workers
    • Zoom for virtual meetings
    • Cisco AnyConnect VPN or Citrix software
  • Use appropriate digital storage.
  • Get connected to the internet with secure, password-protected, broadband access.
  • Secure your workspace.
    • Locking drawers for paperwork