3D Printing at ATSU


ATSU offers access to 3D printers to inspire an interest in Health Science 3D design and to produce printed prototypes of teaching and learning aids such as anatomical models, medical appliances and orthotics.

Who is this for?


How is this item specifically used at A.T. Still University?

The 3D printers are to be used for ATSU educational and research purposes.

Which departments support this?

  • ITS Academic Technologies
  • ATSU Library

Where is this located?

3D Printers are located in the A. T. Still Memorial Libraries on both the Arizona & Missouri campuses.

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Printing Instructions

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to 3D print an item?

Free to all ATSU employees and students providing it is for academic or research use.

How big of an item can I print?

The maximum size for the current Mojo 3D printers is 5” length 5” width and 5” height  (5” x 5” x 5”).  Larger items can be sent out to external vendors for printing, but you will be charged printing and shipping fees.

Where can I find existing models to print?

Existing models can be found here.

Who do I contact to get help with designing new 3D items for printing?

Academic Technologies can assist you in the design process for new 3D models.  Send an email to helpdesk@atsu.edu to get started.

How can I get started designing my own objects?

If you want to design objects on your own, there are several 3D modeling softwares available. SketchUp is a free one that is the easiest for introducing you to 3D modeling.  There are lots of online tutorials to get you started. See all 3D modeling software we recommend.