Learning Communities

Learning Communities (Groups)

Come learn with us. ATSU recognizes that learning occurs in a variety of formats and that technology is changing so quickly it is difficult for any of us to keep up with the tools, techniques, and technologies that can help us learn… and ultimately make us more productive. One way we learn is through discussion and conversation. This area is intended to be a guide to a variety of select learning communities (sometimes called discussion groups or discussion forums) at ATSU. Some of the groups have been formed to facilitate discussion and conversation on specific topics or areas of shared interest. Some may be part of a committee structure with a particular charge. Some maintain a wide range of content on a website, others have been formed as a practical communication device and simply provide a way to distribute email to a particular group. Whatever the structure, the groups provide a great way to share information and ideas.

Pick out an area of interest, and join in the conversation.

Select Communities and Groups

  • Blackboard User Group – This group maintains a very active discussion group along with a website containing information helpful to faculty and staff who utilize Blackboard.
  • CampusVue User Group – The CampusVue user group provides as area for users (ATSU Employees) of the ATSU Student Information System to share questions, information and helpful hints about using the system.
  • Clinical Coordinators Group – The individuals in this group have a part in tracking student’s clinical rotations.
  • Google Apps for ATSU User Group – Group to discuss the tools available in ATSU’s Google Apps for Education suite.
  • Management and Innovation – Book Club – The ATSU Faculty and Staff Management and Innovation Book Club meets about every two months to discuss a book about management, innovation, creativity, or leadership. The group meets on both campuses and uses Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) to allow participation by off campus faculty and staff.
  • Mobile Medicine – Discussions about the use of mobile devices in healthcare.
  • MS Dynamics User Group – This group is dedicated to topics related to the use of MS Dynamics.

Arizona Campus Focus

  • Arizona Campus – Classifieds – Advertise items for sale, look for job postings, connect with others for carpooling, or more.
  • Arizona Campus – Housing – The purpose of this discussion group and forum is to advertise rooms for rent, looking for rooms or room-mates, and houses/condos for sale.
  • Arizona Campus – Work Study – The purpose of this distribution list and group forum is to provide information on Work Study Jobs for the Mesa Campus.

Missouri Campus Focus

  • Missouri Message Board – Similar to classifieds, this distribution list and forum is used to advertise items for sale or items wanted and a variety of other Missouri campus information shares.

Other Learning Opportunities

  • ITS Lunch and Learn Series – Online video broadcast using Google+ hangouts. Topics and discussions tend toward particular technology or system related topics.

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