Windows Printing – Arizona Campus

Students send all print jobs to a printer queue named FollowYouPrinting. Once the print job is sent, it stays in a queue until you release the job on an available student printer by swiping your ATSU ID card in the reader.

  1. Go to the START menu and type the following into Run or Search: \\mesastuprint1
  2. Click on OK or hit the enter key
  3. A window will pop up and you must enter both your user name kcom2k\(your ATSU user name) and your ATSU Portal Password.
  4. After you have signed in another window will pop up.
  5. Double click on the FollowYouPrinting icon to install.

Note about password resets

When you are required to reset your ATSU password, you will also need to follow the steps above to reset the password for FollowYouPrinting

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