How to setup Respondus 4.0 to work with ATSU Blackboard Managed Hosting

Download Respondus 4.0 (version

and License Code: ZR928405862-372532103
(Password valid through the end of July 31, 2019)

In order to get Respondus to work easily with Managed Hosting, you will have to change your own Bb account’s internal-only password. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Blackboard MH.
  2. Open the drop-down “Global Navigation Menu” next to your name at the top-right of the screen. Click your own name to expand it.
  3. Choose “Settings > Personal Information > Change Password”.
  4. Type your new internal Bb-only password twice, and make a note of it. Please Note: This ONLY changes your Bb internal password. Your regular ATSU password is not affected by this change.
  5. In Respondus, set up a new “Server”. Call it “BbMH” or some such. This is an arbitrary, “friendly” name that you are giving to this “server”.
  6. Choose “Search for preconfigured server settings”. Respondus will grab the preconfigured server settings for you.
  7. Type your full ATSU email address in the “Username” field. Yes, your FULL email address, not just your bare username.
  8. Type the password you set up in step 4. Select the option to remember your login information.
  9. Run a connection test. When the test returns a successful message, you have set up your new BbMH server settings correctly.
  10. Use this server name (set up in Step 5) to connect to Bb with Respondus.


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