ATSU computer & network use guidelines

ATSU’s computer-related resources (i.e. hardware, software, and various network connections, etc.) exist to support activities consistent with the campuses’ mission in education, instruction, research, administration, and community service. ATSU provides faculty, staff and students with access to modern information technology to support the pursuit of excellence in these areas.

Use of these resources must comply with the University’s Computer and Network Use policy (55-103). Among other things, this policy prohibits

  • Violation of copyright and licensing laws, including illegal file sharing and installation of of unlicensed software.
  • Removal of ATSU owned equipment from campus
  • Installation of equipment intended to extend accessibility to the ATSU network such as unauthorized wireless access points, hubs, or switches.
  • Sharing of ATSU account information
  • Unauthorized access to private information, whether obtained through “hacking” or by “social engineering” methods.
  • Attempts to alter system configurations, degrade or disrupt system performance
  • Storing, printing or displaying any files, materials, or messages of an inappropriate nature