Migrating a Blackboard course to a Canvas course

When migrating from Blackboard to Canvas please keep in mind that Blackboard and Canvas are two very different LMS systems. This means your Blackboard content will not transfer over exactly as it was in Blackboard. You might find it easier to simply rebuild your course in Canvas.

Import Content Tool

If you decide to transfer you content over using the Import Content Tool, below are recommendations you might want to keep in mind when using this tool.

Blackboard Content Canvas Equivalent How do I use Tool in Canvas?
Announcements Announcements Documentation
Assignments/SafeAssignment Assignments Documentation Video – overview
Video – creation
Blog No Equivalent See workaround
Course Calendar Calendar Documentation


Course Files Files Documentation


Discussion Board/Forums Discussions Documentation Video – overview

Video – creation

Documents, Images and Media Files Documentation


Glossary Pages Documentation –overview

Documentation – creation

Grade Center Grade Book Documentation – overview
Documentation – how to use Video
Groups Groups Documentation


Journals No Equivalent See workaround
Learning Module Modules Documentation


Tasks Pages Documentation


Rubric Rubrics Documentation


Send Email Conversations/Messages Documentation


Test, Surveys and Pools Quizzes/Surveys Documentation Video – creation

Video – settings

Web Links Pages Documentation –overview Documentation – creation


Wikis Pages Documentation –overview

Documentation – creation Video


Naming Conventions

Blackboard Canvas
Tests, Surveys, Exams Quizzes
Pool Question bank
Random block of questions Question Group
Items (WYSIWYG editor) Pages or Wiki Page (It becomes a Wiki Page when you allow students to edit it)
Wiki Pages (a page that can be edited by students)
Documents, Images and other media Files
Grade center categories Group
Make Available Publish
Item Page or Wiki Page (same thing)
Rubrics Rubrics/Outcomes
Hidden in Grade Center Muted in Grade Book
Adaptive release Prerequisites and requirements
Inline Grading SpeedGrader
Send Email Conversations


Things that will not transfer from Blackboard to Canvas

  • Groups and group tools simply do not transfer over. Although the import tool will create a page for some of them, they are generally blank (or display little information) and have no enrollments or tools connected to them. Use Canvas’ Groups feature to create student groups instead.
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