Mac Printing – Missouri Campus

Mac OS instructions

Note: You must be connected to the ATSU network to complete this procedure.

    1. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    2. Double-click on Printers & ScannersIn the Printers & Scanners window,
    3. Click on the plus sign button. (Bottom left corner)
    4. Click on the IP tab in the Print Browser window.
    5. In the Address field enter the corresponding DNS names for the desired printer
    6. In Protocol, select HP Jetdirect-Socket
    7. In the new window make sure the IP tab is chosen
    8. Below the box choose the + to add a printer
    9. In System Presences choose Print and Fax
    10. Choose System Preferences
    11. Once the printer host name has been entered the utility will search for the correct driver. In the Name field, enter a common name for the printer such as LIBLAB1
    12. The printer will show up in the original Print and Fax window

Printer names

  • For Library Lab 1 enter: P-MO-LIBLAB1.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For Library Lab 2 enter: P-MO-LIBLAB2.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For Library Lab 3 enter: P-MO-LIBLAB3.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For Library Lab 4 (East) enter: P-MO-LIBLAB4.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For Library Lab 5 (Downstairs) enter: P-MO-LIBLAB5.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For the Howard wing enter: P-MO-HOWARDWINGSTUDENT.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For the IPE Lobby enter: P-MO-MOS-IPESTUDENT01.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
  • For the Memorial Alumni Hall Study Area enter: P-MO-ALUMNISTUDENT.DDNS.KCOM.EDU
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