How to copy your Blackboard course to the new managed hosting server

You must be an Instructor or an Instructor-level Role in the course in order to move it to Blackboard Managed Hosting.

1. Log into our older self hosted server, then navigate to the course you wish to move.

2. Make sure that you are in “Edit:ON” mode, then in the Course Management Control Panel, click “Packages and Utilities” to expand the menu.

3. Click “Export/Archive Course“.

4. In the “Export/Archive Course” area, click the “Export Package” button.

Please Note: Using the “Archive Course” option is not recommended. “Archive Course” brings across student data like enrollments, messages, Discussion Board posts, grades, etc., from the current course. All courses on Blackboard Managed Hosting will be starting fresh. In other words, please do not bring a course over to Blackboard Managed Hosting in the middle of the course. Instead, use the Export Course option and it will only bring the content, no student data.

5. In the Export Course page, in the “FILE ATTACHMENTS” area, choose the “Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory” option.

This will ensure that ALL files come across, not just some. You may click the “Calculate Size” button to get an idea of how large the download package will be. If the package is ridiculously large, say, 2 Gigabytes or more, use the “Manage Package Contents” to selectively remove large files, or gigantic folders before creating the ExportFile package.

6. In the “SELECT COURSE MATERIALS” area, click the “Select All” button.

7. Click the Submit button.

You will be taken back to the “Export/Archive Course” area. Your ExportFile is being created now. You should see a message saying, “Success: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.”

8. Refresh your web browser after a few minutes to see if the ExportFile is ready. Wait a few more minutes if it’s not, then click Refresh again. The system will also send you an email when it is complete, if you want to work on other things.

9. Once the ExportFile is complete, it will show up on the Export/Archive Course page. It will be a .zip file with a long name starting with the text “ExportFile…”. Download this file to your own computer.

DO NOT OPEN OR EXTRACT THE ZIP FILE ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER! This is very important. Opening or extracting this .zip file will ruin the data inside. It is only designed to be restored by a fully-installed Blackboard Learn 9.1 system at the system level. It will open on your own computer with UnRAR, WinZip, Mac Package manager, or with Windows File Manager, but it will be ruined. Make sure this doesn’t happen by choosing only to “Save” it on your own hard drive.

10. Now – this is the step where you determine what type of course you are moving over to Blackboard Managed Hosting. There are two types:

  1. Registrar’s Office-created official ATSU catalog courses
  2. Manually-created non-catalog, unofficial courses.

Unofficial courses would include your “Master” courses, “Sandbox” courses, template courses, “Lounge” courses, practice courses, etc. Official ATSU catalog courses are courses that students pay tuition for, and that are created automatically by the Registrar’s Office – NOT by ITS. If you are moving an official catalog course, you must contact the Registrar’s Office and make sure that that specific course has already been created in Blackboard Managed Hosting, and that you have been enrolled into it as the Instructor. If it is a non-catalog unofficial course, you must contact the ATSU Service Desk and create a Ticket asking to have ITS create the blank course shell on Blackboard Managed Hosting, and enroll you into it as an Instructor.

11. Log into our Blackboard Managed Hosting server ( and locate the previously-created course (Step 10) that you wish to import your ExportFile into. Enter into this course. It will be a blank shell, and you will need to be enrolled as an Instructor (or Instructor-level Role).

12. In the Course Management Control Panel, click “Packages and Utilities” to expand the menu.

13. Click “Import Package / View Logs“.

14. In the “Import Package / View Logs” page, click “Import Package“.

15. In the “Select A Package” area, click “Browse My Computer“. Choose the “ExportFile…” .zip file that you saved in Step 9.

16. Scroll down, and in the “SELECT COURSE MATERIALS” area, click the “Select All” button.

17. Click the Submit button.

Please note that uploading large packages will take a LONG TIME. Please only do this at work, where the bandwidth is very fast, or on a very fast home internet connection. If you try to do even a moderately-sized package upload on a slow DSL home internet connection, it will probably time out before it is finished. Please Note that in this case you may contact the ATSU Service Desk and start a ticket, and we will do the upload for you.

18. Once the upload is complete, Blackboard will process the package, and duplicate the content from your source course onto this destination course. Make sure you go through each content item, test, assignment, etc., and verify that things came through OK.

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