Computer Equipment for Employees

On campus employees

In conjunction with the ATSU Purchasing Department, ITS facilitates the purchase of computer equipment for on campus ATSU faculty and staff. The standard computer workstation configuration for ATSU employees includes:

  • Either a desktop or laptop workstation, depending upon the type of work related to the position.
  • Dual monitors for Windows workstations, a single monitor for Mac workstations.
  • Monitors have a longer life-span than computers and therefore, are replaced as needed instead of on a replacement cycle.
  • ITS acknowledges that some work assignments require non-standard equipment. Employees can request special equipment using the form included in Policy 55-102.

Off campus employees

Employees who work from their home (see Policy 90-106)  and employees who telecommute (see Policy 90-107) on a regular basis are required to provide a suitable work-from-home environment. Some online faculty may be approved for an annual reimbursement to cover the costs associated to fulfill their teaching, scholarship, and service responsibilities. Please speak with your supervisor about reimbursement.

Off campus employees are eligible to purchase the same equipment provided residential employees and will receive the same discounted pricing provided ATSU for this equipment. Contact the service desk, or check the CDWG section on the Deals & Discounts page on this website for related information.

2019-2020 residential staff computer specifications are below


Windows Desktop Option

Lenovo ThinkCentre M720t
4-year life cycle
Intel Core i5- 8400/2.8 GHz
8GB of RAM
256 GB SSD

Mac Desktop Option

iMac 27”
5-year life cycle
3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel i5
8GB of RAM
Hybrid 1 TB HDD

Windows Laptop Option

Lenovo ThinkPad T480
4-year life cycle
Intel Core i5 8250U / 1.6 GHz
8 GB of RAM

Mac Laptop Option

Macbook Pro with Retina display 13.3”
5-year life cycle
Core i5
256 GB flash storage








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